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LTD Weiss is focused on customer satisfaction and its mission and goals are based on clearly defined principles such as right solutions, transparency, professionalism, communication, quick response and flexibility.

Right Solutions

Our main objective in to help clients to make the right solutions. Company Weiss offers clients the best price for the best quality products and services in the shortest time.



Company Weiss is fully responsible for its services. The organization that has outsourced it's services  in company Weiss, 100% is protected from tax hazards, which gives us advantage over other financial institutes.


The name (Weiss) in German means pure (transparent). This is our main value. We are totally open for both our customers and those companies we cooperate with. Transparency leads trust between us and our partners, which is a prerequisite for success.



Weiss is focused on permanent retraining, development and professional growth of staff. This allows us to have a team of professionals, which is the prerequisite of further success.

Communication and Fast Reaction


Permanent communication with partner companies allows us to quickly respond to client’s any request. This makes customers feel comfortable and helps to make the best decision.



Fast and flexible service ensures comfort for the client, which is the number one objective for us. That’s why bureaucratic schemes are brought down to the minimum level in the company, which enables us to improve quality in permanent mode.

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